Monday, August 4, 2008


Today there is chaos in the house. We are surrounded by plastic bins, like Tupperware on steroids, trying to organize all our things into categories of "sell", "give-away", "store at Anne's", and "to boat". Deciding to liquidate all your belongings is easy. Acutally doing it is the difficult part. The date has been set for the estate sale. We have to be out the first weekend of September to give Gale (ironic) time to organize, price and tag everything.

I look out at my beautiful garden with a healthy blooming frangipani and several bougainvillea in red clay pots that are covered with the green moss and mildew of a Florida landscape. The pond needs to be cleaned before leaving! I take a deep breath and think...."I CAN do this. I CAN overcome the chaos of the day. We are going on a wonderful adventure!"