Saturday, September 13, 2008


The power of a hurricane is beyond description. "IKE's" eye-wall was 56 miles (90km)wide when it hit the Texas coast at over 100mph (160kph). The whole cyclonic system is moving WNW at 15 mph and while it hovers, it destroys. 'IKE" is 900 miles across (1450km) and that makes it one of the world's largest vacuum cleaners that spreads stuff the size of three story buildings, out of the bag and onto the ground. What is still amazing is that its path and its arrival time was predicted a week ago. The path was spot on and the arrival time was 10 minutes out.
Can't wait for the season to end........... Welcome to all of you in various Continents, who are reading our travel blog and sharing the journey with us, even if at the moment we are completely stationary. We welcome you. Please send us your feedback and comments by clicking on the comments box. We would love to send you replies, great pics and heartstring stuff..... The picture on the right shows the sculptured remnants of the coastline on Conception Island in the Bahamas from past hurricanes. Spectacular scenery which cut my feet to ribbons when I landed there in the dinghy in 2000 after having gone through two hurricanes in Antigua. Hopefully we will soon be off the topic of hurricanes.

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