Wednesday, September 24, 2008


The "ESTATE SALE" was a great success. People kept coming and coming for more than four days. Someone even broke off a flower stem on our beautiful Frangipani tree by the front door, just like the one in the photo. People bought everything from clothes, lamps, CDs to garden furniture and potted plants. We wondered if some were there for extending condolences. If only they knew.................. The final load of unsold items left on Monday for "Goodwill" an organisation similar to the the Salvos. Nothing is left now except that which is destined to go to "ARITA" and a grandfather clock that has gone to the Queen's daughter. We are so to speak "POSSESSION-LESS", and to add to the good news, our Classic yacht "SVEA" has been sold to Joel & Corina (Rob's niece). They plan on sailing this beautiful vintage yacht to Australia, while first sailing it around the Caribbean before heading through Panama Canal and into the Pacific. Now there is another grand adventure for you. This will be "SVEA"s third large voyage. I think I deserve a really large cup of mocca coffee to celebrate.

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Anonymous said...

Winddancer Sailmakers- you haven't been by in a week. Tom & I miss you! Diana