Wednesday, January 21, 2009


There really is nothing more beautiful or more perfect than any of God's creations, be it a sunset, a perfect wave, a magnificent valley or an awesome flower. Takes this orchid as a classic example. So beautiful and so perfect. Along the coastal highway we found some succulents in full bloom. Miles of them in fact amidst the palm and sea grapes on the dune fringe. We have escaped again for the weekend to southern Florida and Vero Beach. This winter is turning out to be the coldest in the last six years.

At Cocoa Beach we drove past the RON JON Emporium, what must surely be the world's largest Surf Shop together with original and modern "woodies" parked in front. the buildings run from right to left. It took two photos to give you an idea and the "woodies" don't even show in the pics.

Within two weeks the new owners of "SVEA" will arrive to begin their journey back to Southport, Queensland Australia. Let the adventures finally begin.
Double-click on the little picture of "SVEA" and you will see what a beautiful classic she really is.


riza said...

hi I visited you blog today

Lisa said...

I hope ya'll are staying warm!! Hey Rob, my son, Eric, introduced me (on you tube) to one of the greatest guitarists ever. His name is Tommy Emmanuel and he's an Aussie! He will be performing in Jax in Feb. Keep each other warm. luv,lisa

Remy, Jane, Bek, Zac & Ella said...

Hey Rob & Laurie.... Just been catching up with the Blog, it's great, love the pics and stories.
Bek, Zac & Ella say thanks for the gifts.... Zac is a cute pirate and a rascal of late!
All good this end... Rem has bought an old caravan, so although he can't get me sailing, he can at least get me travelling on land a bit more... we are making a quick trip (to Adelaide!!!) to collect it.
Take care and talk again soon....hope you are surviving the cold, we are sweltering in the
40's jane xxx

Michelle said...

Hi Rob & Laurie. I've been following your blog for about a month and really have enjoyed the pictures and stories. Can't wait for you to begin the big adventure in your beautiful Arita. We met a couple of times through our mutual friend, Robin, and she shared this site with me. Good luck on your journey and know that some are here traveling with you in spirit and wishing you both well. As the others have said, "Stay Warm" & keep up those trips south.... Take Care!

Anonymous said...

Good morning! Hope all is well and that you will soon be sailing to warmer waters. Let's try and see each other a few more times before you depart. I loved it when you dropped by recently and we took a quick walk around the neighborhood. Talk to you soon. Robin

Tom said...

Glad you made it to our favorite spot on the Florida ICW...Vero Beach! It's warm here now, with azaleas and dogwoods blooming. Went sailing Saturday - wind steady at 12 knots. Love those days! Next ancorage, Hobe Sound? Have fun!!! ~Tom and Joyce