Thursday, January 1, 2009


The New Year is here. We saw the huge fireworks in SYDNEY on the little screen in the front cabin. Wow..... Shameful to say, but we spent New Year's eve snuggled up in bed watching a most awesome DVD on an "Underwater Journey through Papua New Guinea" by Joni Hildal. That's the videographic genius right there in the photo below. The lady on the right however, is Laurie, the "Queen of Florida" (as if you didn't know that by now). Yoga meditation is great in the morning in mid-winter. What a contrast of poses. Laurie, motionless and poised on the dock with the railway bridge, also poised and motionless in the background. All hell breaks lose when a mile-long train comes rumbling through heralded first by this archealogical monstrocity slowly coming down. We are used to the noise now that we have turned the boat around and facing away from the railway.

We have been fortunate to see the fireworks in Jacksonville many times on New Year's Eve, so that we really didn't miss it one bit and certainly no-one in Florida has the right to complain about the cold, not when you see the tons of snow and blizzard conditions throughout the rest of the country, even though some of the tropical flowers are a little the worse for wear.

Joni and Ken in the photo below, have an incredible 50ft Catamaran, a showstopper fully fitted out for extended cruising and diving and are heading through the Caribbean to the Pacific. It was invigorating to spend time with them during the week at Ponce Inlet, not only in hearing their wonderful stories of a life well lived, but in planning to make our cruise so much more rewarding. While in Bali (Indonesia) they had some door portals carved in teak. Art beyond art. These handcrafted pieces have to be seen to be believed. Be our guest and double-click on them. Their catamaran's name is "Dancing Walrus" the centrepiece above the door. The mermaid is an extra for good measure. Ken and Joni are two delightful people on the water. They are impressive in their vision, their practical approach towards cruising and in their choices about what really matters in life.

KEN and JONI on DANCING WALRUS at Ponce Inlet, Florida. One of the few inlets without bridges. Their mast height prevents them from entering in many other areas of inland Florida or the Intracoastal waterway.

The chess set and inlaid carved table also has to be seen to be believed. Each piece is an exquisite masterpiece. Collectors items. Playing with pieces like that would lead you to lose all concentration on the game, just in seeing the artistry of the carving. We are looking forward to crossing tracks with them again real soon.



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