Sunday, March 8, 2009


Long sessions of motoring down the ICW got us to MICCO where the Queen's sister, Duchess Dana and her husband Count Christopher have a gorgeous house on the water. Doors were open for us after anchoring both yachts behind one of the spoil islands in fairly shallow water, though not as shallow as the sand bar that both Arita and SVEA ran onto only a mile before getting there. SEATOW came to the rescue and towed us off, then proceeded to tell us exactly how big the sandbar was and which direction it runs. Got the impression that we definitely weren't the first to go aground there and that this sandbar is good for business.

Caught some pelicans and egrets trying to get in a little "shut-eye" after the morning's fishing expeditions. Would have gone a lot closer if I had been upwind of them. Powerful stuff that guano. Would make a great anti-terrorist ingedient. Would make a great anti-anybody ingredient. Saw banana trees with baby fruit on the Sebastion River bank and knew that real warmth is on the way.

Things are looking so much better when blooming hibiscus, azaleas and bouganvillea can be found.

The "Queen's" daughter drove down to see us for the send-off at Micco. Caught then just as the farewell tears had been wiped away. We still have such a long way to go before we can be this close to my kids and now grandkids in Australia.

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having a good time or just forgot to tell me your having a good time. Sir thomas