Tuesday, March 17, 2009


We saw the most awesome launch of the shuttle "DISCOVERY" last Sunday night, just on dusk. Astronauts heading into the dark regions. We saw the fuel cells disengage and fall back to Earth and only then did the Earth begin to rumble from the take-off more than forty miles away and much later the deafening sounds arrived. A real window shaker. Even after it was all over the vapor trail lit up the sky with a supernatural light, obviously a by-product of the explosive gases used in the fuel cells. (You really have to double click on these pics to see the power.)

So if you have ever wondered where all those grapefruits come from, let me tell you.... they come off the back of a big truck. A large conveyor belt puts them there. This lot is destined for LAKELAND, FL to be converted to juice.

We might as well wait here in Vero Beach for the "weather window" rather than in busy West Palm Beach. A strong front from the north has moved in with rain. When you stay for more than a week, VERO BEACH becomes VELCRO BEACH. It is hard to leave. There are many yachts here from up north.

(Double click on this rudder shot)

One of the jobs that needed to be done is to strengthen the top of SVEA's rudder stock. There were signs of old age (and I am talking about the rudder) so new stainless steel pieces were welded on both sides of the top cap. The 'before' and the 'after'. The ferns growing out of the side of a palm tree have nothing to with it. Nothing to do with anything else. They are happy just growing there.


Robin said...

tHello there! Are you still in Vero? Any signs of heading south yet? Everything is fine in Jax. Cold front moving back in, nothing like you endured this winter. Hope all is well as you continue the adventure!

Sir tommy said...

Hello there, get moving what good is a blog that does not move on you. Find adventure, romance, danger and opportunity.
Ok so your still fixin problems but may be a picture of what you are doing or what one might be wearing or accesorising in sunny Vero. Awaiting your reply mate. Sir Tommy