Saturday, April 18, 2009


Would someone please find the person who took the "Global Warming" and get them to give it back. Its been cold, windy and miserable. Its been "uugglly". There have been times when the sun has come out and we've made the most of it, but one front after another has come through and we continue to sit in anchorages while it does the 360 degree circle.

We did however find George, or I should really introduce him as George "SHOWBO" Wilmore. He is the Conch-salad specialist. He has this wonderful and colorful little stand in Marsh Harbour where he dispenses the most delicious Conch-salad you ever-ever tasted. The conch shells (which grow in great profusion by the way) are gathered on the grassy banks near the outer reef by divers. The organism is removed from the shell by puncturing a hole in the top in order to cut the muscle and loosen it. It is cleaned, and then marinated in lime juice and George's secret ingredients. If you watch him make it there are no longer any secrets. By the time he has mixed it all up and given you a bowl, you are both poorer and richer, at the same time.
George is going to be in ST. Augustine on May 16th weekend for a JUNKANOO festival and bringing his Conchs and ingredients with him. For the moment let's just say it is "Compliments of the the Queen of Florida and the Bahamas".

Marsh Harbour gave us a chance to re-stock and to take care of the usual repairs we needed to do. We ate "burgers" twice in the same place, which just goes to show that conch-salad only goes so far. We were entertained by a delightful Frenchman who showed us slides of his trip across the Pacific to Australia back in the '80s when life was simpler. He did the journey in an open-decked " WHARRAN" catamaran. Certainly makes us appreciate the comforts we have on board, although clearly he had no lack of fun on board. Storm lanterns and a tent make for a very romantic setting.

Here the "Queen" is making a pretend call to her subjects. At the rates posted on the box of the phone it had better be a pretend call. Turns out the phone doesn't work anyway but it sure is a great setting.

Oh..... and we finally cleared in with Customs and Immigration. First we walked about a mile and a half to the main commercial dock to the "Head Office", where they asked us to please go back and bring the yacht to the Commercial dock, or we could bring the yacht and dock it at any of the marinas. Well, we walked to one of the marinas where they informed us that bringing the yacht to the dock is not necessary, just bring your papers. Well since we had all the papers right with us, they telephoned Customs & Immigration and shortly thereafter the very same two people we had spoken to earlier, arrived from the "Head Office", without a mention of "where is your yacht" and duly stamped our papers and took our money. Days later we are still trying to work out the logic and the system.

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