Saturday, April 25, 2009


The Royal Corgi, a trusted and highly devoted member of the HOPE family, has passed on. Duchess Dana (Laurie's sister) and her husband Count Chris are very saddened. The death came suddenly and was due to an auto-immune condition. She has gone everywhere with them over the last nine years. Her name is and will always be "ABACO", so named, because the Abaco Islands are one their most favourite destinations. "ABACO" is now in heaven where she has free reign to chase every Harley-Davison motorbike she can get hold of. No more front fences to hold her back.

On the right is Chris, Corina, Dana, Joel and Her Highness "ABACO", the royal Corgi, only a few weeks ago, during happier times, while sailing down the Florida Coast at Micco, just before "Velcro" Beach Marina.

We share your pain and grieve with you for your loss. Pets soon become much more than pets................and their loss is as great as losing someone close.

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