Wednesday, May 6, 2009


After all the dancing and the prancing in the streets we moved to the next island of "Manjack", some 3 miles to the north, for some much needed rest. (It's Monday I think, or maybe it's Tuesday.....) We collected Corina and Joel from "SVEA", whose outboard is still under repair, and in our dinghy we explored both ends of the island. In the shallows at the northern end we found several stingrays that would swim right up to our feet. We also saw about a dozen small sand sharks in the water. For the first time we used our little under-water camera and you will probably see a lot of sand in these pictures. This is because one is apt to keep your eye on the sharks and not on the camera ....................We need to change that. The largest shark was about 5 feet long (1.5m) and had several ramora (sucker) fish attached to him for a general cleanup. The largest of the rays was about 3 feet across. Double-click on the photos to enlarge the sand.

The photo of the irridescent seaweed does not do it justice. Both in and out of the water, the colors were amazing. Somewhere between pearls, opals and rainbows. Double click on the photo and you'll get some idea. Next time we'll do it better......


robin said...

Looks like you are having a wonderful time. The weather has finally turned nice and the adventures have begun. It is great to keep up with your travels.

sir tommy said...

Great pictures rob old boy. Really enjoying your blog old chap. My spelling seems to bother some of the more easily disturbed. Not trying to please them. Keep in touch mate. enjoy, bye.....bye. st