Wednesday, August 5, 2009

NOW WHERE WERE WE..................................

Oh yes, ............... We had left ARITA in Vero Beach on a mooring while we travelled to Jacksonville to repair and replace our electronics, to also pick up Tony's bright blood red pick-up and to see friends and family. A wonderful time was spent with Anne (Lauren's daughter who is engaged to Tony) with a wedding planned for next March. They were busy making Bahamian colored numbers so as not to forget the wedding date, 03.27.10. We also got to see Lauren's pals from pre-school or maybe it was Junior High (Primary school). Bosom buddies forever, all smiles in front of Robin's fireplace. Hard to smile after feasting on a huge delicious meal. Our absence these last four months has suddenly brought home how rich and abundant is the food source. We drooled over the standing rib roast dinner and the desserts that followed. Then back to Vero to get ready for our return to the Bahamas, this time by air.

Chris and Dana (Lauren's sister), that's Count Christopher and Duchess Dana, that handsome couple, with whom we should have met up in Antigua in June, were home again in Micco, Florida, to share their adventures and pics from that Caribbean island. Nelson's famous English Harbour is shown in the photo below taken from Shirley Heights, where the remnants of the eighteenth century barracks still stand, and where the 'red-coats' garrison would sit and ponder and long for home and England. Several hundred years later and the English fly in on Virgin Air to sit and ponder the beauty of Anitgua instead. Meantime back on board ARITA, the Queen gets her sarongs ready for our return to the Abacos. Nice leg. Having been out of touch for some time even my grandchildren in Australia were getting frustrated when we didn't answer the phone. Such a long way still before we get to Australia. We may have to fly there before they all get to be so much older.

Hey......... Poppie Rob, or Laurie, please pick up the phone................ we need to talk to you since Mum has given us these cell phones (mobiles). That's Zac and Ella in the new era of technology.

Being small does not mean that you are insignificant. This little lizard let it be known that he was not to be messed with. So small, yet so perfect and he would leap out of your hand and do a high flying act to land and be nearly invisible on the ground.
We packed our bags and drove to Orlando to catch the flight to Nassau and then on to Treasure Cay and the ferry ride to Green Turtle Cay to pick up the yacht SVEA.
Not that this was hard labor. No............... the hard labor was being done by Corina, back in Australia with the baby boy due when we would be in mid-air. Like we said, small does not mean insignificant.

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