Sunday, August 9, 2009

MISSING THE "BLUES".....................

We are already missing "THE OFFICE". That wonderful place with blue, blue water where we could sit in the sand, or stand in the shallow water and hold our discussions and conferences, about anything and everything, while taking a quick dip every minute or so. The open-air "OFFICE" where we could dance above or below water, and nobody would see. The "OFFICE" where the best plans were laid for the evening, and where the best meals were formulated from meagre victuals on board. Meals to prevent scurvy, but served with wine and mango rum, to a setting sun. Yes, we surely miss "THE OFFICE". Not that anyone is complaining, mind you............... Just a night ago, we went to "BODEGA BLUE", a blue-cheese joint, where we heard an incredible performance by a one-man band, Ben Prestage, whom we are sure, was in that "Fiddler on the Roof" thing. Awesome guitarist playing the blues. The beard made him look way beyond his 29 years, but the performance was sensational. Same shirt, same guy, but four different guitars, including this homemade cigarbox job. Check out the "Queen's" video on the little camera.(when we get it figured out). So, from the blue "OFFICE", we ended up in Vero with blue cheese, and listening to the "blues". Not bad..............really.

Yacht SVEA in the blue. Us, beeming around in the blue.

Ben Prestage, guitarist/songwriter. Doing the "blues". One of Okeechobee's finest.

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