Tuesday, August 12, 2008


We adopted the wonderful philosophy of "We will only cruise until it stops being fun". Needless to say, our cruise should be over before it even begins. Getting ready is anything but fun. It is hard work bordering on chaos and after three times reducing what we want to take with us, we still have enough to fill a floating "U-HAUL".On the other hand if it stops being "fun" in the middle of the ocean, walking away from it all is kind of difficult. Perseverance has the word "severe" in it somewhere............, I think.

So here is our cruise plan:

Circle the Caribbean very, very slowly, taking time to smell the tropical flowers, taking time to see the magic of Classic Race Week in Antigua, visit the Tobago Cays and the French islands, get front row seats for Trinidad's Mardi-gras and visit the historic Spanish city of Cartagena, mix it with the Kuna Indians at San Blas Islands in Panama, and see the Rio Dulce Gorge in Guatamala and visit the Aztec ruins in Mexico on our way back to Florida. A quick two year cruise..... and if that works we'll throw a quick u-turn in Florida and head for Australia.... slowly of course.

Departure is scheduled for early November, heading down Florida's Intracoastal waterway to West Palm Beach before heading across the Gulf Stream to West End, Grand Bahama, all of which is familiar territory for ARITA.

Slowly sail through the Abacos, then to Nassau, then the Exumas and Eluethera, on to San Salvador, Columbus's first landing spot, and back to explore the Jumentos in the Ragged Island chain for the first time.