Sunday, August 17, 2008


You just have to keep smiling.......We have effectively created two "CHAOS" sites. One at the house and now a satellite site on board. Everytime you want to fix something you generally end up tearing everything apart. Today we decided to replace all of the pressurised water lines. We are fortunate to have hot and cold water lines to the galley, the head and the cockpit where we take our showers. We have an instant gas-hot water system on board that works like a dream. Real fun replacing the rigid CPVC lines for more flexible ones with quick-couple fittings. On the plus side, the forward cabin, the Captain's cabin, the head, the galley and the hanging closet are all clean and ready to go. Even a holding tank has been installed for use in very sensitive areas. This only leaves the saloon with all of its storage spaces, the cockpit and its lockers and the lazarette to go. after that there are still a list of repairs to be done and the final haul-out to repaint the bottom with anti-fouling paint.