Tuesday, October 28, 2008


The bulk of the repairs are done. Even the prop shaft generator is installed. The painting is completed and ARITA is ready to be launched again. Fifty years ago ARITA was launched for the first time from a shed in the Bay of Islands in New Zealand. Things have certainly changed a lot with the addition of the bowsprit but the basics are all still there. Amazing to see the size of the tree that became ARITA. Notice the builder and his family at the base of the tree. Double-click on the photo and you'll see.

Not that the ARITA tree was all that large, look at this little beauty being sawn by cross-bows in the late 1870's by the Murray family in the North Island of New Zealand. The logs were normally hauled out of the hills with bullock teams and then floated down the rivers to holding bays along the coast where large ships could load them for shipment to England to be used for house framing.

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