Sunday, October 26, 2008


For those not too familiar with yachts let me explain, "TOPSIDE IS DONE" is not a scream from the guy doing the BBQ. The topside is the white sides of the yacht above the water-line. The boot-top on the other hand is the green and brown stripe just above water-level and the bottom is the black part normally painted with special anti-fouling paint laden with a high percentage of copper to prevent the growth of algae, worms and barnacles. Now for some local fauna and flora that you can double-click on......

Today "ARITA's" topsides are gleaming and glossy white. Time to check out the golden rain tree, time to check out our friendly green frog who is resident in the frangipani tree, and time to check out the AIRSHOW. The aerobatics of the "Blue Angels" F18 precision flying formation is something to behold. Just awesome. Excellent photography by the "Queen of Florida" considering the "Angels" are flying at 1200 mph and the Queen is standing still. "This is a fast jet wasn't it". Double click on the "angels" to see the pilots in their seats,

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