Tuesday, October 14, 2008


Last night I finally wrote out and emailed my contractual resignations to the respective Boards. There is no turning back. We had been homeless and possession-less up until now and I have just added JOB-LESS to the list. I have very much enjoyed the work and have been excited about the projects and the challenges and the people I have worked with and no doubt will miss it all, but the swaying of the palm trees and the swishing of the casuarina trees is a-calling. To quote Johnny Depp or more correctly Captain Sparrow from "Pirates of the Caribbean" fame, " That's what a ship is you's not just a keel, deck and sails,....that's what a ship needs.....But what a ship is.... is FREEDOM". Last Saturday we moved "SVEA" to Ortega River, alongside "ARITA", so that boat projects on both boats can be completed simultaneously at Sadler Point Marina in the next few weeks. It has all become very real very fast and already my Queen has managed to offload at least half the boxes on board in various storage places. My Queen also managed to buy some more bikinis which will be absolutely essential for the new lifestyle. More flags to fly when they are drying on the rails.

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