Saturday, October 4, 2008


We have butterflies in our stomachs....... on the other hand we've just had a great meal at the OUTBACK STEAKHOUSE, probably for the last time, so it may not be just butterflies, but the question still remains are we going to fit so much gear into the available lockers on board "ARITA". We spent time on board this afternoon and came back to 'Little Lauren's and Tony's' house and the garage where everything is stored and took the picture. Admittedly some of the stuff, like the new shiny stainless steel anchor and a new dinghy and solar panels are now destined to go to "SVEA". Joel and Corina, "SVEA's" new owners will arrive at the end of January 2009 and are really so excited about their own ocean adventure, that they were ready to quit their jobs a month ago. For us it is 31 DAYS TO GO

We should have "ARITA" out of the water for a bottom paint job within a week. Now there is something to really look forward to, all that paint scraping......and after that we should be able to begin loading the contents of some of the boxes. Now a really smart person would take the opportunity to raise the water-line by at least four inches...... but then again we would sit four inches lower in the water. I need time to think about this "win-loose". Let me consult the glass ball on that one. I have to hang on really hard to the images of the "Queen" on the bow to stay focussed. Yes.... you are allowed to double-click on that one.

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