Sunday, November 9, 2008


The POT OF GOLD is definitely buried in JACKSONVILLE, FLORIDA. A wonderful chance to work, to meet the Queen, to discover tremendous friends including John Moore who took the rainbow shot and a grand opportunity to fix and repair many things on ARITA. These same friends, some eighty or more came together last night to celebrate our eminent departure.

The farewell party was wonderful. The QUEEN's longtime friendship with her three bosom buddies dates back to junior high (primary) school. That's over FORTY YEARS. (Did I just give away Her highness's age). What's not remarkable is that we change our clothes regularly, our shoes and watches less regularly, our vehicles on occasions, our houses even less, but when you hang out with the same friends for FORTY YEARS now that's REMARKABLE.
LISA, KAREN, ROBIN and LAUREN, steel magnolias, all of them.

The caps and a good bottle of Bahamian Mango Rum are all that remained standing of the Pirate and his Queen. Not sure if the bottle is exactly standing ........... Perhaps the Pirate's cap says it best...... "Time flies when you're having Rum".

Thank you to all those who came and have supported us all these years, especially Laura, Brent and Robin. You certainly know how to throw a great party. It is truly a treasure to know all of you and those who couldn't make it. Most things are just stuff, but friendships are irreplaceable. Please join us on this journey and stay connected.

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Anonymous said...

Robin and I had a wonderful time celebrating your (semi)retirement, friends and life with you at the party. Would love to see more pictures. Email to

Kenny :)