Saturday, November 22, 2008


It is a very strange feeling to be sleeping at a level six inches (150mm) under the waterlevel about plank thickness away. It is even stranger to realise the toilet ( the head) is now below water. Whoever leaves the pump switch open is in serious trouble. YES,... WE HAVE FULLY MOVED ON BOARD. YES,... WE ARE STILL FLOATING, ALTHOUGH SOMEWHAT LOWER IN THE WATER. YES,.... WE CAN DO THIS. The good thing is that everything is very close. The bad thing is that everything is very close. Bending down is a toss-up between butting your head or hitting your butt. Until we are fully used to it all we are definitely living in the ultimate "Bruise Factory".

The Queen's adaptation to the new galley is wonderful. I heard her dancing and singing while trying to make her pressure cooker work. I think she was singing. Hot coffee from a cooktop percolator in the morning is also new and tastes real good, and with LP gas it really is hot. It is terrific to have instant hot water on board from our LP gas heater. Luxury cruising at its best. On the downside is the constant dripping condensation from the ceiling when the outside temperature is 4-5 degress below freezing in the morning. On the upside is the fact that we have a little heater going during the night and we are, as they say, " COZY AND TOASTY".

We have changed the departure plan a bit. The new owners of SVEA will arrive in January and so we will delay our departure so that we can leave together. It makes the most sense, keeps us tied to the dock (and to a heater) and will allow us to do some orientation with them before the joint adventures begin. "IN SEARCH OF PALMS" CONTINUES. Soon I hope, before it becomes " IN SEARCH OF ALMS".


Here are three blossoms to remember the joys of summer. The Queen and her daughter on the water's edge at Long Cay in the Exumas, part of the southern Bahamas, during our summer cruise in 2004. Both photos are enough to keep anyone warm this winter.

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