Wednesday, December 10, 2008


When the tide goes out we can't see a thing through the porthole except the side of the dock. So that answers than one. But all is not lost. Our Christmas cactus in a bowl on the saloon table is bursting into bloom in the middle of the winter. Life re-born. The Queen went for a long walk yesterday and discovered many things in bloom. FlORIDA is wonderful in the winter while NEW YORK, CHICAGO and beyond are in blizzards, snow and ice.

The day was warm enough for ice-cream desert. Take a spoon, put it in the cordless drill, take some ice-cream from the container, add some chocolate oreo cookies (biscuits) from the packet and stir them up to make some delicious " Mc-ARITAS ". Real cool, literally.

Marina life is something else. It's like living in the floating suburbs with the city in the distance. The yachts come and go, get hauled out, repainted, renovated and face-lifted, saggy bottoms are taken care of, colours are changed, gear is added or removed and each day is a whole new spectacle.

You can see the colourful sail covers of "SVEA" (red) and of "ARITA" (Persian green) in the photos. That's almost the same as looking for "Wally". From the bridge the view is way better than at dock level, and certainly a lot better than at water-level. Trust me on that one. I took one extra step on(off) the dock last week while cleaning the dinghy and found out the hard barnacle way. Floating around in very cold water beneath the dock was...... well ... not gooooood. A rare occasion when I did not have my cellphone (mobile) in my pocket. Not that I could have used it call anyone...... while thrashing around like a plucked duck. You can see the dinghy on the end of the dock on the right.

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