Sunday, February 22, 2009


After 30 hours of flying and airports, my Niece Corina Taaffe arrived in Jacksonville to become co-owner of the Yacht " SVEA". From a car owner to a boat owner overnight. From a balmy 100 degrees farenheit to a miserable 28 degrees farenheit (-2 degrees C) overnight. No similarity intended whatsoever. She immediately went to work re-organising and helping Joel put everything away while recording the placement of each item with impecable precision. Two nights later we were invited for a formal dinner in grand style. Compliments to both of them. They have taken to the new lifestyle like ducks to water on a frigid pond.

Two nights later we were invited to Mike & Carol Sullivan, who equally put on a magnificent spread and came to say good-bye on the following night. Great people and great sailors too. Sir Tommy (THOMAS LIPTON )White from "Wind Dancer Sails", who has also been tremendously supportive came by to send farewell greetings. JACK FROST from the Artic Circle also stopped by to let us know in very certain terms that he is not finished with us just yet.

Joel has left "DISTRESS" messages out there but so far there has been little responce. Perhaps by Wednesday this week it will be warm enough to risk letting go of the extension cord and the heater. Meantime there are still more things to be done on both yachts, so we can afford to wait till the blood begins to flow again.

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Gerry and Nicky said...

Guys, you may be cold now but you wouldn't think you'd need thermal beanies and fleecies while sailing up the Qld coast. Just you wait!