Saturday, February 28, 2009


YES CAN YOU BELIEVE IT..... The fear of the next cold front finally convinced us we needed to leave whateverelse needed to be done to be left undone. So on Friday morning, without fanfare we took off. Flags flying and both yachts heading for downtown JACKSONVILLE. For those of you who have never seen the underside of Main Street Bridge, here's your chance. (Do that double-click thing on the pics).

Past all the dock facilities and the " Container Terminals " where huge expansions are taking place in readiness for a fabulous economic recovery of more imports (?) unless the acres and acres of cars and trucks we saw, are there to be "exported". The Intra-coastal Waterway channel (ICW) is lined with red and green markers all the way to St. Augustine and beyond to Key West. To be leaving Jacksonville really is an end of an era for both of us and now we have the company of SVEA and her crew to share this first part of the journey with. For them it is baptism of another kind.

Bridges really are spectacular and I'm sure that train drivers must get the same "kick" when the whole moving world suddenly comes to a stop to let us humble people pass. In the case of the "Queen" of course, she deserves no less.

For the "Queen of Florida" it is a tearful and emotional farewell to many friends and colleagues, spanning more than thirty years, some of whom waved from windows on the fourth floor of the School Board Building and others who came out on the dock to shout and wave. Blessings should be heaped on all of them. May they too have a chance to fulfil a dream and share in ours.

Tonight we are anchored in St. Augustine, FLORIDA, America's oldest city and another cold front is on the way and so are we.


Jerry and Robert said...

Hey guys,
Glad you are finally underway! Delays seem to be inevitable, but they just make it that much sweeter when the day finally comes, eh? Good luck and good sailing on your journey - maybe we'll see you in the islands!
Jerry and Robert, of "Secret Passon"

Michelle said...

May be a day late, but Bon Voyage! Glad to see that you are underway. Certainly, the wind is at your back. Thanks for the incredible pictures and stories. I'm looking forward to following the adventure...

Lite said...

Blessings and safe journey to you both! So nice to speak/see you
via Skype!
The Blog is wonderful and pictures beautiful. Thanks so much for sharing your adventure with all of us.
Cindy and Patrick, SAIL THE WIND

Remy said...

About bloody time!
Rem,Jane and kids.

Jerry and Robert said...

Looks like you might have a weather window for your crossing coming up this weekend....

Sir Tommy said...

Hope for the vessels Seva and Arita are running thin with no respose from either vessel all may be lost. Or on abrighter note the rum may still be flowing and they are sleeping it off in some pub doorway. We can only hope. The search will continue. No s.o.s. has been transmitted. sir thomas lipton white.