Saturday, April 4, 2009

MAKE WAY FOR DUCKLINGS.................

We are never amazed at the things we see on the waterways. The Queen and I saw a row of ducklings being led by a dinghy with outboard. Double click and get a load of the size of the teeny-weenie sailors. Well, finally we are anchored just inside the Inlet at WEST PALM BEACH ready for our departure at 10pm tonight. Yes true-blue-water tonight in the pitch dark, should be fun. By morning we should be at the Bahama bank ready to cross at MEMORY ROCK. Kind of makes you wonder why they call it "memory rock". It is the only thing sticking above the water for miles and miles and if you hit it, then your mast will be the highest point, at least for a while.
That would be a "MEMORY" you wouldn't soon forget.

As we rounded PEANUT ISLAND, the old Coast Guard station at the Inlet, the beaches were inundated with sun worshippers after weeks of bad weather. Thousands of boats big and small and the short stretch to Lake Worth became a demolition derby. A full wave from a passing sportsfisherman came through the galley window and landed in the Queen's lap. At the time six vessels were passing each other in both directions at full speed in a path 30 ft wide. Hell on keels. Won't even mention the sounds that a bunch of triple 250hp outboards make. A day for boys with their testoterone toys.

One of the highlights of our stay in HOBE SOUND and LAKE WORTH was to again see Jack & Carol SILCOX whom we had met five years ago in the EXUMAS. Wonderful people who have been forgiven for selling their sailing yacht and buying a trawler. Jack knows it's a stinking sin. And then there is Spencer Miller on TREEHOUSE trying to catch dinner now that access to Publix is no longer possible.


Kraxpelax said...

Personal announcement!

Forgive me not being exactly the Shy Guy, but I sincerely do feel I have something important to say.

Stay cool, it's heavy stuff.

Best wishes,
Peter Ingestad, Sweden

Orpailleur said...

guys, good luck. Keep an eye open for 'Sundancer' a Hunter 41 with Bob and Kathy onboard. They will be looking for you in the Bahamas - around Nassau and then down to the Exhumas.

Orpailleur said...

if the first comment is from a friend of yours I think he's on something - check out the weird blogsite

Robin said...

So I guess you have crossed over by now and are in the Bahamas! A cold front is headed glad you are on your way. My thoughts are with you. Enjoy the adventure.

Hintons said...

Thanks for touching base before you crossed--I'm sorry we missed you! We are looking forward to the next message, and think of you constantly. We are keeping Jason fairly busy and networking him into other boat jobs--talented guy! Stay warm and happy and safe. Our love to you both!