Friday, April 3, 2009


There are more than 30 yachts in North Lake Worth and more than 50 yachts in West Palm Beach Inlet anchorage, all sitting and waiting to cross the Gulf Stream to the Bahamas. The weather has been unreal. Even the locals say they have never had anything like it. Daily we have had winds in excess of 20-25 knots and rain squalls well in excess of that. While we stayed for several days in HOBE SOUND before moving to WEST PALM BEACH, the circumsances stayed the same or should I say stayed "insane'. There was to have been a window tonight to cross the Gulf Stream for about 7 hours before the wind comes belting in from the north and we are not doing that. We thank those who believe we were swallowed up by the BERMUDA TRIANGLE, and if true, we have been spat out. Sadly we are still in WEST PALM BEACH waiting for that elusive weather window.

The yacht "TREEHOUSE" with Glenn & Spencer Miller on board have joined our flotilla awaiting the crossing and the six of us have got together to devise various ways of avoiding "cabin fever". Joel and Corina's dinghy, while great on paper was simply inadequate for the two of them. This has now been replaced with a larger ZODIAC.

Needless to say we have re-stocked provisions and promptly eaten the lot. We have also officially cleared out of Florida with Customs and Immigration. Whoopsie....
We have had to go ashore to get more books to read..... Notice that there are no palm trees in any of the pictures, now that's not our style at all....

Our attempts to get on "internet" have been mostly unsuccessful as a result of the yacht on anchor being thrown about by the wild winds. It is amazing to be able to get this much out. The Queen's superb cooking has been a joy for boat-weary people.
Some people have obviously been waiting here for quite some time by the fact that baby strollers are chained to the guard rail at the only landing place for dinghies. Perhaps the window arrived for them and there just wasn't time to go get the stroller... who knows. Perhaps they waited so long, the kid outgrew the stroller.
If we are still here next month........ call somebody..


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Orpailleur said...

Well at least the wind generator is getting a work out. Good luck